Someone wise once said, ‘Not all serious readers are good writers but most good writers are serious readers.’

Having said that, writing is a skill that can be polished by adopting certain habits or it can be lost forever if it is not practiced enough. However, the secret to improving your writing skill is to write more and read even more. More writing simply is of the opinion, practice makes perfect. Reading all sorts of books will expose you to a variety of styles, opinions, perspectives, other people’s voice, forms and genre of writing.

Following are a list of various reasons that will help you understand why reading books can improve your writing skills.

1.    Expands vocabulary:

The more you read, the more you are exposed to new words. Even though you might think it is cool to consult a dictionary every time you stumble across a new word, it is not necessary. However, every new word we come across will add to our comprehensive skills. As our brain tries to make a mental picture. As we read more, our vocabulary of certain words enhances. Especially if a difficult word comes up a few times in different scenarios.

2.    Increased reading = improved concentration:

Ask any writer, and they’ll say that this line of work requires extensive research. For that, you need good concentrating skills. Concentration can be improved if you adopt reading as a habit. Reading at regular hours daily.

3.    You write what you know:

Knowledge is power! This could not be more stressed upon. You cannot write something you have no knowledge about. The more you read, the more knowledge you have. It is better to read a vast variety of material. So even if you are an arts student, pick a science book. If you work in finance read about management. The better knowledge you have the better writing skills you will acquire. As everything you read will stay with you as morsels of information. This can become useful in unexpected scenarios.

4.    Exposure to various writing styles:

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle did not write like Shakespeare and Jane Austen did not match the writing style of Sidney Sheldon. They all had their unique writing style.

The more diverse writers you read, the more different kinds of styles and genres you will be exposed to. It is recommended to read various writers. This will help you gain insight into their opinions and perspectives.

Every writer has a personal writing style. Whether you are a professional writer or you write for fun or even for your business.

5.    Experiment:

One thing that is very important is that you need to experiment with new genres. This is important especially if you are open to trying writing in remarkably new genres. There is no better way to start than with an author who intimidates you. Read a classic work of Brontes, and Isaac Asimov. If you are having second thoughts about your writing style, experimenting with your choice of books might help you find a good style.

Reading is the only tool that works wonders when it comes to improving your writing skills. The sooner you realize this, the better off your writing skills will turn out. As it is widely known, “Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience; this is the ideal life.”

However, it is important to remember that reading also is a fun activity. Do not stress over reading or a burden. The more you enjoy it, the more you will get out of a book.