Writing an exceptional piece of work requires a lot of skills and knowledge. Not everyone in this world has been blessed with the ability or skills to do so.

Professional writers usually come to a point where they feel physically and mentally burnt out after a period of time. Usually, up to certain limits, a person has a capacity to write which is inspirational for others. After particular limits, a person cannot produce stimulating stuff. This is termed as writer’s block. Writer’s block can be coped up using different techniques.

We can beat writer’s block by

•    Listening to music

•    Changing your environment

•    Spending some time with someone who makes you feel better

•    Write something else

•    Write at different times

•    Free writing

Listening To Music

Most writers are able to work in pin drop silence. However if you’re trying to beat writer’s block, music may help. Especially music with no words. Songs like pop music are not recommended to overcome writer’s block. But classical/instrumental music or epic music may be helpful for writers. Make a writing playlist if you find that you can’t write in silence.

Changing Your Environment

The environment has a great impact on the human mind. There are certain ideas which can originate in the mind by changing one’s environment. The beauty of nature can be a great source of inspirations for a writer. According to a lot of writers, the most attractive and emotional components in the environment are flowers, the mountains, the sky, the smells, and the beauty of other living things.

Spending Time With like-Minded People

Spending time with specific people from different walks of life can help you fight writer’s block, especially if you share the same interests. You can get a lot of inspiration from those people as you can exchange your thoughts and experiences. By spending time with like-minded people, writers can get ideas, motivation and inspirations that can aid them in overcoming writer’s block.

Write Something Other Than Your Usual Topics

If a writer is stuck on a particular topic and find that they are not able to move forward with that specific topic, then it is better to leave such topic for a little while and write something else instead. I do admit that this can be hard to do, especially if you are right in the middle of writing it, however this can be a great step towards fighting writer’s block.

Write At Different Times

Timing is very important for writers to produce their best work. The best time to write for a writer varies from person to person. Some writers can get impelling thoughts in the middle of the night, some can feel compelled to early in the morning and some in the afternoon. If a writer gets exhausted at his previous writing time routine then your mind might welcome a change. Try switching up the times and days that you write and see if it makes a difference.

Free Writing

Sometimes having an outline of what you want to write works, but sometimes it just makes it hard to move forward. In this context, you can just sit down and write whatever comes to you. You might find that free writing takes some of the pressure off and gives you some mental relaxation and and freedom to generate new ideas. By doing this, you can write very unique and different content in a short period of time.

I really hope that these tips help and if you have any others that I missed, please share them below in the comments.

How to Beat Writer's Block