Welcome Back!

In the last post, I promised to tell you about my first blog. Yes, this is not my first blog. Before we delve into that, I would love to point out that the aim of this story is to encourage others struggling with their writing skills, blogs, or anything else.

Failing at something doesn’t mean you are not cut out for it. Instead, it gives you an idea of the wrong steps you took and a better way to handle such a situation on the next try.

And when you don’t succeed yet again, try yet again. Fortunately, there is no timeout. If there was one, I don’t think Thomas Edison would have enough time to try a thousand times before eventually succeeding at the 1001 attempt.

Walt Disney was fired from one of his jobs for lack of creativity. He decided to try again by setting up an animation studio. And he failed yet again – the studio went bankrupt. I guess he has every reason at this point to throw in the towel. Lack of creativity and lack of managerial skills. Can it get worse?

Well, he didn’t give up. Instead, he tried yet again. This time it worked. Now, Walt Disney is a household name even beyond the United States.

In my case, I decided to share my passion with others. I wanted to do more than just write for myself. Writing is the ‘double E’ magical tool, as I mentioned in the other blog. And until that moment, I have only been able to use one of the E’s

[Expressing myself]

It was time to inspire others. It was time to share with others.

Young and promising, I started a blog. After all, I have the writing skills. I will just put up a few posts and that is it. Alas, it wasn’t. Now, I know better.

I struggled to manage the blog for almost a year. I lacked purpose. Even if I knew I had to employ the second ‘E,’ I lacked the purpose and focus. It was more of putting up anything on the blog.

And it failed woefully. At the time, I was devastated. I had a lot of questions. Why did it fail? Is writing not for me? don’t they like my writing? Where did I go wrong?

It was, indeed, tough at the time. Maybe writing isn’t for me after all, I thought.

During the time of regrets, I learned that the problem was a lack of focus and purpose. If at all I had a purpose, I didn’t figure it out on time. So, I took the time to reflect on all I did and all the things I did wrong. It was revealing. Thanks to that first blog, I now know ‘how to not run a blog.’

Now, about a year and a half later, I am ready to try again. This time, I took the time to draft out the purpose of the blog and how best to achieve those goals.

Here I am today starting afresh. Now with a purpose and all the things I learned from my first blog.

If at first you don’t succeed, try again!