You probably have a few questions in your head right now.

Like who are you? What do you have to offer? What is this blog about? Why should I keep reading?

Fair enough, I would have the same questions if I stumbled upon a new blog.

So, let’s get started by answering these questions. I’m positive you will be happy to pay another visit after getting to hear what I have to say.

Okay, this is the point where you expect to hear of my childhood, travel stories, and a bunch of exciting things.

Well, I am just another regular women out there. After I graduated college in 2012, I did pursue my passion for writing, but life kept throwing curve balls at me, (isn’t that annoying?). Anyways,I am currently working on my Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in creative writing.

But I have not always been in the United States. I was born in Haiti. I didn’t stay there for long though. I moved to Chicago from Haiti in 1997 when I was 11. I guess you have your answer to why the blog is called The Haitian Storyteller. Haha!

I have always had a passion for writing. You know that feeling of talking with your best friend? Yeah, that is the feeling I get each time I write. Writing is magical. I call it the ‘double E’ tool. It allows you to ‘express’ yourself completely while also giving you the opportunity to ‘empower’ your readers. Again, it’s like magic! So, I decided to go all in this time.

Through this blog, I will be able to share my works with you from time to time. Everything from short stories, reflective essays, to poetry. Be ready for to go on a journey each time! Also, I have plans of presenting a book review every month. Your favorite book may be my pick for the month. Stay tuned!

In addition, the Haitian Storyteller will also cater to writers and others out there who would love to be writers. From time to time, I will be sharing some hacks to help you get started on your writing journey. Welcome to the writing community!

I know how rough the journey can get sometimes. You start doubting yourself at some point. Like Am I sure writing is for me? We’ve all been there. Don’t sweat it, dear. I had the same feeling when my first blog failed. I know better now. With a few hard work and consistency, you will get the best out of your writing skills. (More on that on my next post)

Conclusively, I would like to quickly add that this is a family. I need you and you and you to build it up. I’m optimistic I can count on you. I look forward to talking with you on my next post. Do hang around!